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By Damen Smith-Draeko — Davi of Perspectives Digital is a lucid dreamer. Although his Progressive House tracks take us on a wandering journey through id, ego, and libido, there is a fundamental grounding and stability to his productions.

Tracking down any video on any of his performances or studio sessions was almost not happening. I was only able to procure one.  It is true what I’ve heard about him being “LA’s best kept secret”. But oh! What a great secret!

I was able to locate some of his tracks on Subtract Music:

Lucid Dreaming

Black Rock City

I found these tracks danceable but oh so woefully short. It felt like just as the groove had committed my patting feet and nodding head to get into it, the thumping bass and wisps of chords were over and it was time for my thoughts to come back planet side.

I identified and felt all versions of Lucid Dreaming, but for my progressive house set, I’d really like to get my mittens on the Klartraum Remix.

Seeming to keep with the dreamscape allegory (don’t know if it was intentional) is False Awakening (original mix):

It is nice, but was way too brief. It never ramped up for me (pout).  But then there is Ormatie – Only!

Listen on Hope Recordings

The Davi B-side Remix is, in my opinion, the track that truly spotlights Davi’s potential. This is a very buoyant and splendid piece, employing well-felt saxophone and woodwind samplings. It aptly filled this dancer with a sense of hope from this recording. <- – see? See what I did there?


Ha! You know this feeling of hope I speak of on the dance floor at the festival. The night is over, gone by way of morning mist and dew. The summer sun is coming up over the hills, and you can feel its lukewarm rays warming your sweat, and you hear the barely-audible awakening of the forest around you. Yeah. This track took me there.

Davi’s most recently-released track is Labyrinth, Perspective Digital.

Yet, despite all the proven goodness within each of the aforementioned and following productions:

Sasha- Baja (Davi Remix)

16 Bit Lolitas – Calling New York (Davi Remix) Bits & Pieces

Black Rock City. (Deep Funk Burn the Man) 

I was *most* impressed by Davi’s live sets, thinking that he just might be a bit (just a tad) under utilized in the studio proper.  He seems to be exceptional at what he does when he’s not being constrained by time, a totally realistic limitation in the studio. I’m betting that the true depth of his extensive talent will be revealed when he has achieved a larger body of studio works that demonstrates the full range and breadth of his musical aptitude and skill, including more of the percussions and breakdowns present in those live sessions.

Still, I would definitely want to bear witness to at least one of his live performances. His talent and skills are unquestionable.

I feel this particular session is a *very impressive* body of work. I am not underestimating or downplaying Davi in any way, shape, or form.

A star on the rise only means that its present magnitude is about to get even brighter.



For more information on Davi, check out the following:

Perspectives Digital – website
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