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I really enjoy making songs with creepy vibes and heavy basslines.

Q: The people that are not familiar with you: Who is LUCIUZ?
A: ‘LUCIUZ is a guy that lives In Norway that likes to make edm music. He likes to make ambient music but also likes to make sounds that are horror related. ‘
Q: How long have you been making music?
A: ‘I have been making music since 2011 but didn’t start my brand till the start of 2013 and that’s because I used two years to get into producing. I’m going to admit that the tracks I produced when I first started was crap but I have progressed my sound through the years and I am happy that I used two years to produce because I feel it would be harder for me to start if I had no idea what I was doing.’
Q: Do you have a music background from when you were young?
A: ‘When I was a kid I always listened to punk and rock music, and I was really into guitar because my uncle is a really good guitar player and drums because I have friends that play it. I got into Dubstep when I heard Rusko’s remix of Pro Nails and I had never heard anything like that before so I was very curious to know what the hell that was. I did some research and found other artist’s like Skream and Benga and I think they were my first influences to make dubstep.’
Q: If you could do a collaboration with any artist you would chose, who would that be?
A: ‘Figure, definitely Figure! I made a 7 song EP for halloween titled ”Night Of Horror” and it is a little inspired by his Monsters albums. I really enjoy making songs with creepy vibes and heavy basslines so I will definitely try to make more songs like that in the future.’
Q: 2013 is almost over, what are your plans for 2014?
A: ‘My plans for 2014 is to play more shows. I love to play shows so if you are a promoter, hit me up! I am also going to launch merchandise sometime in 2014. People have been asking me when I am going to get merchandise so now I can tell you that it’s coming sometime in 2014.




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