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For the luckiest amongst us, life can be a fairytale. At long last, the third and latest installment of the popular electronic dance music (EDM) mix compilation Once Upon A Night is released on November 26th, 2012, on Premier Recordings. Mixed by globally respected DJ, producer and electronic musician, Ferry CorstenOnce Upon A Night-Volume 3 consists of two discs of the most succulent, painstakingly selected trance, progressive-house and electro tracks to fly out of loudspeakers this year. Much more agile and thoughtful than the typical club mix of banging, anthemic tunes, OUAN3 instead paints an otherworldly story of a long night out where danger and mystery meet sex and bliss. OUAN3 is an aural tale that conjures deep memories while creating new ones, and the double-disc compilation perfectly captures the tense excitement one feels right before embarking on a night on-the-town. Ferry Corsten is a master at crafting epic audio voyages and in Corsten’s world, anything can happen.


Corsten’s OUAN series prides itself on discovering the best in upfront unreleased music. The popularity of the compilations themselves has helped launch the careers of DJs/producers who have gone on to achieve great success, among them, Arty.

Disc-one kicks off with Klauss Goulart’s provocative “One Tear Away” before lifting off into the heavens withAnalog Sound Department’s soaring “Greetings,” then seguing seamlessly into Amyr-S’s incredibly gorgeous“Priceless Time.” Denver’s Beta Nightclub resident DJs, Dragon & Jontron, team with Lea Luna on the dirty-yet-thrilling “Tonight” before dipping into Guy Mearns’ trance-loving “K8.” Yuri Kane brings the vocals of Jezafront-and-center on the heartbreaking “Love Comes” just as M.I.K.E.’s booming, euphoric “Any Direction” makes its impact felt. Felix Leiter’s zippy electro-house track, “Nobody’s Going Anywhere,” precedes Tellur’s snarling, stomping “You” before exploding into Cosmic Gate’s muscular trance annihilator, “Crushed,” an explosive track that descends from upon high. Ferry Corsten’s own “Silfra” follows with beaming rays of acoustic sunshine, a tune Corsten’s fans have hungrily demanded during his live DJ sets. Festen’s obliterating “Give It To Them” conjures a chaotic dreamscape heading into Kamo’s massive “Vocoder” before Bulat Nanox closes CD1 with the insistent and victorious “Vodka.”

Disc-two begins with Moonpax’s magical “Avantgard” before diving into Purple Stories’ hands-in-the-air “Path To Nowhere” and Husman’s stunning “E.D.M.” JC Chasez’s vocals grace BT’s “Force Of Gravity,” an extraordinarily beautiful and haunting song. Afterwards, Ellie Lawson’s vocals augment Ferry Corsten’s lifesaving, achingly magnificent “A Day Without Rain.” Andain’s breathy voice mesmerizes on the spellbinding “What It’s Like,” then it’s on to REZarin’s stimulating “Cambodia.” Flashtech’s filthy production on “The Right Way” gives way to Setrise vs Johann Stone’s earth-shaking “MNE.” Aruna’s radio-friendly “Save The Day” is another bright spot on this brilliant compilation, followed by Sound Quelle’s invigorating “7.07” and Marsbeing and MalYar’s irresistible “Walking To The Stars.” Alas, the piece de resistance is Ferry Corsten vs Markus Schulz’s “Stella,” the duo’s shockingly good remake of Jam & Spoon’s classic track and one of the best recordings ever made. A Ferry Corsten remix of the new Dash Berlin finishes off CD2 with “When You Were Around” featuring Kate Walsh and music-lovers will agree that OUAN3 is undoubtedly one of the best compilations of the year!




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