Darude, a name synonymous with driving beats and unrelenting energy, has been an innovator in dance music since he smashed his way onto the scene 10 years ago with the global hit singles ‘Sandstorm’, ‘Feel The Beat’ and ‘Out Of Control’ and the first album ‘Before The Storm’. The second album ‘Rush’ with singles ‘Music’ and ‘Next To You’ again conquered charts around the world in 2003 and now he’s back with more genre-breaking singles like ‘Tell Me’, ‘My Game’, ‘In The Darkness’ and ‘I Ran (So Far Away)’ from his 3rd artist album, ‘Label This!’ which is poised to rock its way up the charts and across the globe. 2011 saw Darude starting a record company, EnMass Music, with American DJ/producer Randy Boyer and that’ll be keeping him busy in addition to touring and planned single and album releases of his own.

Recently our partner Darran Bruce of ITV Live The DJ Sessions had Darude as a special guest. Darude was about to perform at Seattle’s Foundation Nightclub which recently opened.

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