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Producer. DJ. Pioneer. Innovator. Visionary. He’s the man that single handedly initiated a revolution in a dance music genre -one that’s long since touched every corner of the globe. Having designed the Dutch trance sound, he propelled it into the clubbing consciousness and on further still into popular culture. From there he continues to innovate at every turn, working with vocalists as diverse as Simon Le Bon and Guru and has remixed music from some of the planet’s most enduring artists – U2, The Killers, Faithless, Moby and William Orbit among them.

Recently, FERRY CORSTEN came to Seattle to rock a show. Now a few weeks later, we have Ferry exclusive for Hammarica.com.


Tell us one thing you love about Seattle.

If I would have to say one thing it would be the scenery. The Space Needle is always impressive to see.

Dance Music NewsWhat is the best business decision you made as an artist in the last 5 years?

Back in 2007 I have started with my own show Full On which I really have been enjoying ever since. It has been such a blast to take the show all over the world in a club format every year.

You have made many classic records, including ‘Out Of The Blue’ and your remix of ‘Barbers Adagio For Strings,’ Do you have a favorite yourself?

Out Of The Blue has been really special as this was the track which led to my breakthrough. So I guess I would go with that one.

What is the most lavish moment you experienced in your DJ career?

I’m really lucky that I get to experience pretty cool things like amazing drinks, private jets, suites in hotels but to be quite honest the best experience is to play for amazing crowds in fantastic locations.

What was the scariest moment you ever encountered while touring?

I was once robbed at gunpoint in Brazil. Not cool.

Ferry Corsten & Armin Van BuurenIs there any hardware synthesizer you would never get rid of? Tell us why.

I have all of my hardware synthesizers still in my studio. I don’t use them that often but I wouldn’t want to get rid of any. They all bring back so much memories.

Describe a random and hilarious encounter with fans.

I’m always surprised and amazed how people ask me to sign their arms/backs etc and have my signature and logo tattooed on their bodies. It’s an honour.

Ferry Corsten DJ InterviewTo what extent do you care about style? Would you ever consider a total make-over?

I always just try to experiment with my sound. I never considered a total make-over but if something sounds good I will play it.

Have you tried the ‘Dubstep DJ Name Generator’ on Hammarica.com? What was your result?

I did now, DJ Killertrak Therm Synthesist, haha. 😉

Who is your personal favorite DJ?

When I am not producing or playing a show I hardly listen to EDM really. So I don’t really have a favorite DJ.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Make sure to check out www.ferrycorsten.com for all my latest tourdates and make sure you come join me when I am around! 😉

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