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Better known to his family and friends as Adrian Ivan, it’s under the assumed name of Mr Pit that he’s spent the last 5 years delivering one block-rocking track after another to the world’s trance floors. Markus Schulz is one of his biggest fans. Therefore, we are happy to have Mr. Pit featured in our series of daily DJ interviews at Hammarica.com!


If you could describe your style with 3 words, what would these be?

Naughty, Energic, Melodic

How will trance sound 5 years from now?

Only the time can tell for sure, but my suppose is that the actual trance music sound will morph into an even more club sound rather than one for listening at home.

Is there any special collab coming up with Markus Schulz?

Our recent collab “Push The Button” has been well received by the fans and I really look forward to a future collab with him. I always work on new ideas and I’m sure this might happen sooner than later.

How did you enjoy your US DJ debut?

One of the special moments in my dj career was the US DJ debut at club Avalon in Los Angeles in front of few thousands music enthusiasts. I did a “back to back” set with Markus Schulz and the crowd was completely captivated by it. The whole event was broadcast live on Sirius XM think which made my first performance in the US even more special. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience for me and I believe that would have been an honor for any other artist.

Mr Pit InterviewDescribe the Romanian EDM scene for us.

In Romania, the scene grew up fast over the past few years due to the great events that take place especially in the capital of Bucharest but also in the biggest cities of the country. In addition, people are supportive when it comes to EDM concept parties. I think, in the near future, Romania will become one of the most important spots on the European EDM map.

What are the best headphones to use to mix tracks on?

For a long time I used Sony MDR V 700 but last year, I switched to Technics RP HD 1200 which are pretty similar sound wise.

Is there a certain sound from EDM that is really overdone and dated?

I wouldn’t say so but probably the truth is that the sound didn’t changed very much over the past years thing which leads to a saturation in EDM. In terms of evolution, I think it’s a challenge for each music producer to try reinvent themselves and bring EDM to new musical boundaries.

Your secret for creating killer melodies?

There’s no certain secret behind, I am very critic to my own music and I easily erase good ideas unless they are not satisfying myself. Creating a good melody is about the mood also. A nice balanced progression between musical chords is probably the general key of a good piece of music.

Is there any club you would never play again?

The energy transmitted by the Dj should be equally received by the crowd. If the return energy to the DJ is mutual then the interaction goal was achieved. Fortunately, the answer to the question is no. Every club has its specific sound, crowd, vibe and atmosphere in general and I enjoyed them all with no exception.

What was the best dinner a promoter ever treated you on?

I didn’t think about this before, but I can tell you I’m a positive thinking person and I get best dinner every time the company and the food is appropriate and I feel honored that every time I’m lucky to receive best treatment by promoters.

Adrian Ivan InterviewIs there a specific goal you would like to accomplish within a year?

To travel the world more than I did already.

What jobs have you done before becoming a DJ?

In the past, I was sales representative for an industrial machineries company and then customs broker until 2007 when I started a small business company.

Should DJing be funded with government programs?

I’m aware there are government programs who supports talents in art and entertainment industry which is a good way to develop the creativity of the people. Even though DJing is just a small part of the entertainment industry, I think it shouldn’t be blended with politics because it is funded most of the time by the promoters.

What couldn’t you live without?

Of course there are a lot of things somebody couldn’t live without but musical wise I couldn’t live without my fans. Without them you don’t exist as an artist, they are the measure of the level where your music is at.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

I’d like to thank everyone who is supporting me and my music and I hope to meet them on my gigs in their area.




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