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Describe the sound of Earbutter
What makes the girls ass shake?  What makes the bottle popper jump in the VIP?  What makes the kandi kit eyes pop out of their head and completely lose it?  That’s the sound of Earbutter.  The ocean of making music is vast many can travel it but few can navigate it.  I’m the captain and it doesn’t matter if I’m making dubstep, hip-hop, trap, or house I’m coming with something that touches you deep and will make you move.

You were at EDC Orlando recently – how was it?
EDC and anything insomniac is doing is always cutting edge and next level. The talent the production everything is just WOW.  The event itself is always a blast showcasing great music with a great crowd and the after parties and events around EDC are always a blast.
What does a weekend in the life of Earbutter usually look like?
Depends I spend my time in many exotic places one day I’m in the jungle in Cabarete, I might be on a train in Italy, in Beverly Hills, or on the beaches of Destin on a boat with a bunch of Russian chicks hitting a wakeboard session but when I’m not jumping off bridges or enjoying any of the extreme sports I’m into I’m making music.
We know you have some serious DJ skills – what’s your favorite trick?
I don’t like to use the word favorite I’d say I enjoy every facet of my tablist technique and appreciate all of the great artists I’ve been able to perform with collab with and learn from to get where I’m at now.
What’s your tried and tested pick up line?
My real name is Carmel, I’m Sicilian and no bullshit I can walk up to any lovely lady and just tell her my name and I’m Italian and run off of that.  I think most girls are looking for uniqueness and I’m not a johnny type I’m very esoteric.
What has been your most fruitful life decision?
I took the red pill.  I drank the blood from the chalice. I’m a fire starter and roar with flames spouting from my mouth.  Most humans don’t know what it is to live.  They wake up and do what their ideological theme tells them, or maybe the tv, or maybe their parents who were socially programmed.  It doesn’t matter where you live only a small percentage of humans have an open frame of reference and decide to live with that type of mentality.  You are asking what was my most fruitful life decision?  Opening my eyes everyday and knowing I go as hard and as fast as I can everyday with out thinking only feeling not blinking and seeing everything, I roll the dice with all my money on the table and win or lose keep rolling.  If you are reading this and you are young or old don’t waste your life doing what other people tell you.  You do what makes you happy and where your free will guides you to do.

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