LA-based producer and DJ JAUZ shows that with hard work, anything is possible. Over the past few years, he has ascended to the top of the dance music world. By merging the wubbs of bass with the groove of house, Jauz has set worldwide dancefloors alight and captured imaginations with every drop.  “I have been all around the world this year…But in 2017, I really wanted to bring it home. Off The Deep End will be a series dedicated to my most die-hard fans,” Jauz teased to Billboard recently. Today (June 15), Jauz-a bonafide icon of new school bass-announces the debut of his Off The Deep End festival stage at Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro.
On Sunday, September 3, Off The Deep End will host its first-ever festival stage at Electric Zoo. The 6th Boro will welcome a sound that’s grown from the West Coast into a global phenomenon, courtesy of Jauz himself and a host of his favorite genre-mashing cohorts. Candy-coated anthem basher Slushii, UK drum and bass hero Sub Focus, free-wheeling bass-dropper JOYRYDE, and URL-to-IRL fan favorites K?D, Saint Wknd and Bijou round out a lineup that’s bursting with energy and character. The occasion will be momentous in the career of the hotly tipped Jauz, and his legions of dedicated fans will be out in full force and full voice to witness the birth of a new star DJ, one with bite and beats in equal measure.
Jauz Presents 'Off The Deep End' At Electric Zoo
Jauz Presents ‘Off The Deep End’ At Electric Zoo


“I could NOT be more stoked on the lineup we have for the Off the Deep End stage. We have Bijou, Saint Weekend, K?D, Joyride, Sub Focus, Slushii, and myself and I honestly don’t know how we put together such an insane lineup! I’m a big fan of and/or friends with everyone on the stage which makes it that much more awesome as well,” says Jauz as told to Run The Trap.
“I feel like most of the lineup of the OTDE stage would make sense if you know me, my friends, my music, etc… but the one act that really stands out and will probably catch kids by surprise is going to be Sub Focus’ set. I really wanted to incorporate one act onto the stage that would really throw a curveball, and also maybe help influence the kids at the stage to start listening to something different and I think he is perfect for that. The man is an absolute legend and was a huge inspiration to me early in my musical life with electronic music, and I’m so honored he agreed to play on the OTDE stage.
Every act on the stage is going to be epic as f**k and if I were attending as a fan I feel like it would be hard to leave that stage for even a minute on Sunday! I basically will be attending as a fan since I’ll be there all day watching every set! hahaha!”
The theme of ELECTRIC ZOO: THE 6th BORO–taking place over Labor Day Weekend September 1-3 at Randall’s Island Park–is a homage to the festival’s hometown that will sparkle with the surreal, dazzle with imagination and envision New York City in a way never thought possible. Many of the world’s heralded and cutting-edge DJ acts-helmed by headliners DJ Snake on Friday, September 1, Above & Beyond on Saturday, September 2, and a back-to-back set from deadmau5 & Eric Prydz on Sunday, September 3–will be featured among all-new stage designs, interactive performers, unique installations and more.
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