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Techno artist Luca Draccar’s world is dark and captivating. His latest project ‘Sugar’ follows the release of his EP’s ‘Soul Grabber’ and ‘419.’ Treading in their footsteps, ‘Sugar’ is a symbiosis of eerie fascination and electronic creation.

Opening the EP is ‘Loving Is Killing You’ is perhaps one of Draccar’s more mellow releases, holding back on dramatic drops and climaxing drums, yet something about the resistance brings even greater tension.

‘She Is Gone,’ a six-minute track that twists and turns, writhing in obscurity. Driven by the mechanized drum patterns, sequencers and synthesizers bring textural light and shade, an acoustic guitar sings somewhere in the distance. Distorted whispering vocals are an intimate presence, while the piano flourishes in places.

‘Come Closer’ on the other hand, uses intensity to its advantage, with heavy arpeggiated synth lines and the echo of a long-lasting vocal that washes in and out.

Luca Draccar stumbled upon the dark and foreboding elements of techno while performing in the nightclubs of Milan. Over time his journey bought him to Berlin, where he now resides crossing boundaries with technology and music.


cover art Luca Draccar

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