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It means “hell” in his native Swedish and Marcus Schossow’s new track ‘Helvete’ might be even hotter than Hades. His debut on Garuda Music, ‘Helvete’ will be released on December 10 and packs a multitude of progressive house beats, uplifting synths, and dirty wobbles that build towards a drop of epic proportions.


Sure to raise hell on the dance floor, listeners will be amused when a cheeky sample asks, “OMG is this dubstep?” before the first wobbly breakdown. Schossow is no stranger when it comes to mixing up sounds and crossing genres and ‘Helvete’ is one of his most boundary-pushing tracks to date.

“Helvete is a track that changes modes when you least expect it,” says Marcus. “It starts with Swedish-style arps and pads and transitions into crazy basslines. I was missing a link in my sets to go from beautiful tunes into harder stuff and Helvete is the perfect track for that.”

While ‘Helvete’ might translate into ‘hell’, for club-goers dancing the night away, this blazer of a track feels more like a slice of heaven.

Website: www.marcusschossow.com
Facebook: facebook.com/marcusschossow