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At just three years old, MATT MILLER ended up in the Philadelphia’s foster care system, separated from his three siblings. To cope with the challenges of being a foster child, Matt turned to music and sports. Over a period of years in various places, he created his debut album RELATIONSHIPS which showcases a unique ability to blend dance music with striking lyrics and reflections on life and friendships that came and went.

The overall album is a glance at some of the experiences and emotions people may endure in different relationships and friendships. Six years ago Matt started the search for singers to collaborate with on the project. Collaboration is not an easy task but through determination he found enough singers with the same enthusiasm.

Ironically, Matt feels in creating this album, he may have tarnished his own relationships with the people around him because he devoted so much of his time, energy and finances to it.

“I did not have an identity. I did not know who I was and music allowed me to share my experiences and relate others to my music”

Matt Miller Relationships AlbumMATT MILLER: “Life is not always predictable and relationships of all kinds form everyday. Music is so much a part of my life considering I lived my childhood in the foster care system. I did not have an identity. I did not know who I was and music allowed me to share my experiences and relate others to my music. Through my new album, Relationships, I try to unite people. I appreciated a variety of music growing up which helped me stay focused. Life was very difficult on the streets of Philadelphia and many people can relate to the engaging dance music that I create as a powerful distraction in life. Throughout my life, I struggled and tried to find more of myself and using my talent as a producer and DJ has helped me mature throughout the ups and downs and all of the relationships I did not always choose. I only hope that others are able to benefit from knowing about me and listening to my passion I express through music.”

Matt’s influences include the sound of Tiësto when he was a leader of the Trance movement as well as Hip Hop. Songs like Lethal Industry by Tiësto, One More Time by Daft Punk, and artists like Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Benny Benassi, Tupac, Biggie, Run DMC, NAS, LL Cool J and DMX left a lasting impression and shaped his later style.

RelationshipsAt the age of 13 he learned the technical aspects of music production from a friend whose dad had instruments for him to practice on. Ever since, Matt taught himself how to use different electronic sounds using software programs like Ableton LiveReason and Protools which led to a career as a DJ and producer. While working towards earning his master’s degree and teaching in public schools, he made sure to reserve precious time for music making and often found himself fine tuning productions until the morning hours. Music is part of his being, derived from authentic feelings for people and situations throughout life that were not always planned.

Matt Miller: “The next projects I am working on is a variety of mini EP’s with more upbeat and high tempo tracks. I am remixing the Relationships Album tracks for festivals and clubs. I am also excited about the album that I am working on that has more club oriented tracks set for music festivals and clubs. The songs Turn It Up, To The East, Dark Eyes and more can be found for free on my growing YouTube channel. I am excited to create lyric videos for some of the songs on the Relationships album.

On my other social media channels I post some of my tracks that are different styles including dubstep, future house, pop, moombahton, and progressive house. As a DJ and producer who is trying to reach diversity, it is important for me to be knowledgeable about these unique genres.”


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