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Entrenched in love of house music, the musical landscape in Paul Mayson’s head is one rich in a commix of sounds and influences. From remaking Cher’s iconic track ‘Believe’ together with Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Saint Sinner to dropping his soulful house anthem ‘Can’t Trust The Way I Feel’, the Dutch DJ/Producer now takes listeners on a timeless funk-filled voyage with his latest single ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, featuring UK singer/songwriter Zac Pajak at the helm on vocals.

The track incorporates delicate house grooves, warm chords, and soulful samples, whilst Mayson pushes Zac out of his pop comfort zone to achieve a resounding performance from the gifted singer. It’s a delectable track with brilliant production touches that contribute to ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ perhaps being Paul’s most superior dance record after signing with Sony Music and embarking on a new chapter in 2021.



Mayson’s early years in the studio were spent co-producing and co-writing for American pop and hip-hop artists such as Yelawolf, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Far East Movement. Today he is dedicated to sharing his love for house music and is deep into music discovery and crate digging, constantly seeking out new ideas and sounds from old records and fusing genres and styles. Stripping it back to its core and unpicking everything with sampling and programming at the heart of his music, Mayson’s creative exploration is paying off. He recently got picked up by MTV to become their MTV Push Artist of the month for August and positioned himself as one of the most exciting and innovative dance music talents out of The Netherlands right now.

Talking about the process behind ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, Paul said: “As I always try to keep pushing my boundaries as a producer and songwriter, I wanted to create a unique mix of different elements and incorporate some of the timeless sounds of R&B and soul into a house music production. The song was written in the autumn, and it definitely has that cosy feeling that fits the time of the year we’re entering now.”

“Working with Zac was great, we started writing the vocals together in Amsterdam and we instantly connected. I flew over to London after that and finished the song with him. We really pushed each other creatively.”, added Mayson about Zac’s involvement on ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. Since releasing his debut single ‘Again’ in 2019, Zac Pajak’s music has led him to perform live shows everywhere from Glastonbury to London’s Roundhouse and contribute to hit music for artists as diverse as Major Lazer, Raye and McFly and continue to deliver his own brilliantly observed, expressive releases.

Paul Mayson & Zac Pajak’s ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is out now via Sony Music.

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