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Canadian techno label assembles three of its finest acid tracks for maiden vinyl release, due in February

Vancouver-based techno label and event promoter, Subspec Music, is set to release its first vinyl EP with ‘The Power of Hydrogen’, due February 11th, 2014. The EP assembles three of Subspec’s best acid tracks and features the work of Jay Zoney, Hardfloor, Symplx and Countered. The release has already gained momentum with support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Derrick Carter, Ben Sims, Gary Beck, Slam, Len Faki, Drumcomplex and John Tejada. Gary Beck remarked: “It’s sounding great – acid madness! I like all three tracks actually!”

First up on the A side is Hardfloor’s Remix of ‘The Meltdown’ by Jay Zoney; a track that’s penned as one to “hammer on a big dancefloor”. A raging builder of an acid track, it moves along with a captivating groove, creating what Zoney himself describes as “very powerful and very effective”. In some ways staying quite true to the original mix, the track also has an apparent Hardfloor feel to it, displaying their signature percussion loops and Jedi-like use of delay on the TB-303 lines. Hardfloor said they loved Jay Zoney’s original mix of ‘The Meltdown’ and so were honored to remix it.

B1 track, ‘Back To Dat’, is brought to us by Symplx, AKA Jason Justin, who is by no means a newcomer to the acid techno scene, having produced several releases in the mid to late nineties under his real name and various guises, including Imitryx on labels such as Great Lakes Records and Mutex USA, and as Symplx on the pioneering Canadian techno label, Steel City, among others. This track is another great addition to his illustrious repertoire – at its core is the Chicago blueprint for compelling, jacking acid, combined with the sort of weighty, abstract grooves that the producer is renowned for. It’s worthy of note that Cosmin TRG included ‘Back To Dat’ in his recent Boiler Room performance.

Bringing proceedings to a dramatic close is Countered, AKA Subspec’s Josh Garrett, who presents us with ‘Telegraph’, a filthy beast of a warehouse acid track. Countered describes ‘Telegraph’ as a record that’s rooted in the sort of acid he found captivating when he first got into the underground party scene; the kind of sound that could be heard in the work of DJ Pierre, Polygon Window and Fuse. At the same time, however, it’s a more contemporary sound, with a funky groove that could accommodate anyone from a two-stepper to a fast-stepper. Telegraph comes complete with a prominent acid line laid over propulsive rhythms. Garrett commented: “I’m really honoured and excited to be able to release ‘Telegraph’ on the same piece of vinyl as Jay Zoney, Hardfloor, and Symplx.”

The Power of Hydrogen EP will be released in the run-up to Subspec’s second anniversary – its initial releases came out early in the spring of 2012 and quickly gained a reputation for attention to detail, particularly in terms of their sound quality, winning early support from the likes of Danny Tenaglia and DJ Sneak, among many others. Their first 12- inch is no different in this respect, as Jay Zoney explains: “I think it’s a very credible representation of the quality catalogue that Subspec has built over the past couple of years.”



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