Luca Draccar


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Gutsy, foreboding and unforgiving, ‘Supreme Emptiness’ holds the latest collection of songs from techno artist Luca Draccar. Making a name for himself with synthetic loop sequences and brooding rhythms, ‘Supreme Emptiness’ is his second EP release in 2022.

While the synthesizers, sequencers and electronic beats playing a prominent part throughout the EP, the introduction of new instrumentation offers listeners some delectable ear candy. Textures curated through whispering vocal melodies and ambient guitars have a desirable quality, bringing colour to a rugged yet astonishing landscape. The flaunting of a piano adds new depth, but adheres to Draccar’s signature chromatic tension, remaining faithful to Draccar’s musical imprint.

Born and raised in Italy, Luca Draccar moved to Berlin to pursue his musical studies. After years of DJ-ing as the sun went down, Draccar embarked on this project in 2018 and his first EP ‘AAA Access All Areas’ was born. Since then, he has released a multitude of work, giving a glimpse into his creative mind.